Ecology And Soil Relationship: The Key To Effective Ecosystem Interaction

Ecology And Soil Relationship: The Key To Effective Ecosystem Interaction


  • jbas jbas
  • Confidence Harrison Amadi
  • Bright Ajoku


biological diversity, ecology, Soil, relationship


This paper recognizes the fact that soil is an “entity” that has the capacity of integrating all other biological, chemical and mineral properties together with the combination of physical climate elements in providing the needed nutrients for ecological potential that encourages the survival growth and development of both micro-organisms, macro-organisms and other vital plant species found in any ecological habitation. The paper also stress that ecology is that community of species with multiple abundance of living organisms that coordinate interaction between organisms and within organism and their environment-physical abiotic factor which include its climate and soil as well as other microorganisms that shares habitat (micro-organisms and macro organisms). The paper further reveals that the interaction that take place within these various organisms and other physical environment result to interdependent and interconnected relationship between and within components of the environment and maintained that this interconnectivity and interdependent relationship can be compromised by a single introduction of toxic chemicals and vegetation clearing, including change in climate elements; all will amount to change in the soil ability to perform thereby affecting ecological stability that in-turn constitute ecological challenge to ecosystem interdependent relationship. The paper further exposes the values of ecology and soils to both human and the environment and maintain that their values depends on the richness and variability of its biological diversity; as such, the paper canvasses for the protection and affective management of ecological areas for ecological sustainability.



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