Computer-Based Academic Performance For Nigerian University Students

Computer-Based Academic Performance For Nigerian University Students


  • jbas jbas
  • Nnenna Esther Ugwuja
  • Enefiok. A Etuk


Academic performance, Lecture attendance, Nigerian University Students


Students’ academic performance is dependent upon students prompt attendance to lectures and advice through their University management. These facts are very challenging in the contemporary Nigerian Academic Institutions today. The problems that motivate the researchers are poor academic performance of students due to inconsistency in lecture attendance, capturing attendance manually is not always accurate because students cheat by signing for a person who is absent and record their friends’ attendance falsely, it is time consuming and lack of monitoring and control for students. It is essential to devise an automatic monitoring system that enhances regular attendance to lectures by students because the manual method of taking attendance is very cumbersome and ineffective. There are attempts to solve the problem of this manual approach using electronic cards and a clock-in system, which presents the problem of reading information connected to somebody without his or her permission. In the light of these defaults, an automated system was successfully applied to address the problem facing students in their academic performance due to insufficient attendance to classes. The platform guides the University management in advising their students based on their academic performance. This is because the platform computes the student’s result and compares students’ lecture attendance with examination performance. The comparison will then guide the University management in comparing the performance of a particular student to that of his/her classmates. Object oriented analysis and design methodology were used to develop the computer based academic performance for Nigerian University students. The results showed that the web-based platform performed automatic real-time monitoring of students’ and lecturers’ attendance at lectures. The system was able to show a relationship between students’ lecture attendance and examination performance. The result obtained guide the University in advising their students based on their academic performance and result because it is used to identify students who are struggling, excelling or underachieving.



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